Wingless Sprint Series Back At...
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...
Kellen Chadwick Becomes Fourth...
Kyle Yeack Repeats As CGS Wall...
Wallbanger Cup This Saturday A...
Wingless Sprint Series Back At...

Wingless Sprint Series Back At...

6/23/2016 -
Wingless Sprint Series Back At Cottage Grove On June 25th By Ben Deatherage (Photo Courtesy of Dirt Monkey Productions) Cottage Grove, Oregon- The Wingless Sprint Series will be paying a ret
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

6/22/2016 -
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns For Logger’s Cup On Saturday Night; $5.00 General Admission For Friday June 24th By Ben Deatherage Cottage Grove, Oregon- Cottage Grove Speedway will have two
Kellen Chadwick Becomes Fourth...

Kellen Chadwick Becomes Fourth...

6/21/2016 -
Kellen Chadwick Becomes Fourth Different Wild West Modified Shootout Champion; Ties Record For Most Wins In A Season By Ben Deatherage (Photo Courtesy of Speed Shift TV) The 2016 Wild West M
Kyle Yeack Repeats As CGS Wall...

Kyle Yeack Repeats As CGS Wall...

6/20/2016 -
Kyle Yeack Repeats As CGS Wallbanger Cup Winner; Starks, Campos, Lipke, And Moffett Also Earn Wins By Ben Deatherage (Photo Courtesy of Northwest Racing Productions) Cottage Grove, Oregon-
Wallbanger Cup This Saturday A...

Wallbanger Cup This Saturday A...

6/15/2016 -
Wallbanger Cup This Saturday At Cottage Grove; Karts On Friday June 17th By Ben Deatherage Cottage Grove, Oregon- After hosting four events in five nights Cottage Grove Speedway is back at a

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Seth Bergman Wins Round #4 Of The Triple Track Challenge At CGS

Seth Bergman Wins Round #4 Of The Triple Track Challenge At CGS

Seth Bergman Wins Round #4 Of The ASCS-Northwest Region Triple Track Challenge At CGS
By Ben Deatherage
(Photo Courtesy of Malcolm White Photography)
It was a perfect couple of nights for Snohomish, Washington’s Seth Bergman at Cottage Grove Speedway as he backed up his victory the night before with a triumph on Sunday May 25th with the American Sprint Car Series-Northwest Region. The race was also the final leg of the four nights of racing which was dubbed the Triple Track Challenge. A total of twenty-eight race cars would be on hand for the event.

Sutherlin native Rob Held was the early race leader taking full advantage of his pole starting position. As the laps would click by Held, in the Held’s Automotive & Accessories/Double R Powdercoating/Budget Lumber Company #68 J&J, would hit heavy lapped traffic and found himself also trying to hold off second and third place. Shortly after a lap nine restart Seth Bergman, who started fourth, would make a pass for the lead on lap ten to become the new race leader.

From that point on it would pretty much be clean sailing as Bergman would dominate the remainder of the feature in his Corridor Electric/Oilfield Equipment & Manufacturing/Young Tool Company/Speedmart Inc. #23 Eagle. The victory would mark his third career ASCS-Northwest Region victory, his second win with the series at CGS, and his fifth total win of 2014.

Finishing in second was the Steve Forler Trucking/P.G.H. Excavating/Lucas Oil Products #2L Maxim of Logan Forler, originally from Orting, Washington but now living in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, while coming home in third was the Finley Farms/CLT Logging/Rider Racing Engines #77 Maxim of Chico, California’s Kyle Hirst driving for car owners Scott and Jason Finley. The balance of the top five would consist of Trey Starks from Puyallup, Washington in his Starks Timber Processing/T&C Concepts/Southstar Limited Equipment/MASCO Petroleum #55 Maxim in fourth and while fifth went to Rob Held.

Earlier in the evening four heat races were ran with the winners being the Kovash Logging/Johansson Excavating/FK Shocks/Big Al Kids & Motorsports Foundation #33V of Henry Van Dam from Enumclaw, Washington, Kyle Hirst, Logan Forler, and Cam Smith of Mill Creek, Washington in his Dave Smith Motorsports/Don Ott Racing Engines/ #17 Maxim. Picking up the victory in the consolation feature was Kyle Mehner from Damascus in his Oregon Outlaws Speed Shop/ Seasonal Rolling Shutters/R.S. Race Products #7K XXX.

The American Sprint Car Series-Northwest Region will take a couple of weeks off before returning back to the Cottage Grove Speedway on Friday June 13th and Saturday the 14th for rounds five and six of 2014. For the latest information log on to

Race Summary:
Sunday May 25th, 2014
Triple Track Challenge Round #4/American Sprint Car Series-Northwest Region Race #4
Cottage Grove Speedway
Cottage Grove, Oregon

A Feature: 1. 23-Seth Bergman[4]; 2. 2L-Logan Forler[3]; 3. 77-Kyle Hirst[8]; 4. 55-Trey Starks[7]; 5. 68-Rob Held[2]; 6. 33V-Henry VanDam[6]; 7. 7N-Jared Peterson[10]; 8. 71-Colin Baker[12]; 9. 9R-Reece Goetz[15]; 10. 5N-Seth Nunes[13]; 11. 3-J.J. Hickle[9]; 12. 33-Colton Heath[11]; 13. 22-Garen Linder[14]; 14. 28M-Mark Herz[16]; 15. 21W-Vern Wheeler Jr[5]; 16. 98-Chris Masters[19]; 17. 7K-Kyle Mehner[17]; 18. 26F-Shane Forte[18]; 19. 22R-Mike Romig[20]; 20. 17-Cameron (Cam) Smith[1]

B Feature: 1. 7K-Kyle Mehner[5]; 2. 26F-Shane Forte[7]; 3. 98-Chris Masters[3]; 4. 22R-Mike Romig[4]; 5. 4J-Allison Journey[12]; 6. 6A-Kady Adelman[2]; 7. 9A-Luke Didiuk[11]; 8. 5R-Steve Reeves[1]; 9. 89-Sterling Kane[8]; 10. 56-Ross Mathewson[9]; 11. 23L-Rob Lindsey[6]; 12. 16-Nick Tomlinson[10]

Heat 1: 1. 33V-Henry VanDam[2]; 2. 23-Seth Bergman[5]; 3. 5N-Seth Nunes[1]; 4. 9R-Reece Goetz[4]; 5. 22-Garen Linder[7]; 6. 26F-Shane Forte[3]; 7. 16-Nick Tomlinson[6]

Heat 2: 1. 77-Kyle Hirst[1]; 2. 7N-Jared Peterson[2]; 3. 33-Colton Heath[3]; 4. 71-Colin Baker[5]; 5. 98-Chris Masters[4]; 6. 22R-Mike Romig[7]; 7. 9A-Luke Didiuk[6]

Heat 3: 1. 2L-Logan Forler[1]; 2. 55-Trey Starks[6]; 3. 21W-Vern Wheeler Jr[5]; 4. 28M-Mark Herz[4]; 5. 23L-Rob Lindsey[2]; 6. 7K-Kyle Mehner[7]; 7. 4J-Allison Journey[3]

Heat 4: 1. 17-Cameron (Cam) Smith[1]; 2. 68-Rob Held[4]; 3. 3-J.J. Hickle[5]; 4. 5R-Steve Reeves[3]; 5. 6A-Kady Adelman[6]; 6. 89-Sterling Kane[2]; 7. 56-Ross Mathewson[7]

5/25/2014 at Cottage Grove Speedway - Cottage Grove, OR

360 Sprints: ASCS Northwest Region
Clark Printing Extreme Sprints, Vintage

360 Sprints

A Feature

14Seth BergmanSnohomish, WA23
23Logan ForlerBoise, ID2L
38Kyle HirstSacramento, CA77
47Trey StarksPuyallup, WA55
52Rob HeldSutherlin, OR68
66Henry VanDamEnumclaw, WA33V
710Jared PetersonGrants Pass, OR7N
812Colin BakerCottage Grove, OR71
915Reece GoetzSnohomish, WA9R
1013Seth NunesMedford, OR5N

Clark Printing Extreme Sprints

A Feature

1-Orion RedmondRoseburg, OR12
2-Jesse ThistleCreswell, OR4
3-David HibbardMedford, OR3
4-Steven HornerCottage Grove, OR75H
5-Dusty RedmondRoseburg, OR57
6-Mike GriffithFall Creek, OR21
7-Patrick DillsCottage Grove, OR5D
8-Don WaddellRoseburg, OR10K
DNS-Raquel IvieEugene, OR70
DNS-Daniel McGrewMountlake Terrace, WA78
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