Marvin Smith Memorial Pre-Regi...
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...
D. Redmond And King Win During...
Cottage Grove Returns For $5.0...
Marvin Smith Memorial Pre-Regi...

Marvin Smith Memorial Pre-Regi...

5/17/2016 -
Driver registration forms are now available for the Marvin Smith Memorial Race!! You can find them on the website under the driver info tab or call Heather at 541-729-8666 to get registered
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

5/16/2016 -
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns For Armed Forces Night On Saturday May 21st; Karts On Friday May 20th By Ben Deatherage Cottage Grove, Oregon- After getting rained out last Saturday, Cottage


5/14/2016 -
We are very sorry to say it but the weather has won out again this weekend. With the large amounts of rain that we have already had and what is still being forecasted we just don't see any
D. Redmond And King Win During...

D. Redmond And King Win During...

5/13/2016 -
D. Redmond And King Win During Firday Night Thriller At CGS By Ben Deatherage Cottage Grove, Oregon- If you missed the May 13th $5.00 Fast Friday then you missed one of the best races of the
Cottage Grove Returns For $5.0...

Cottage Grove Returns For $5.0...

5/11/2016 -
Cottage Grove Returns For $5.00 Admission On Friday; Senior High School Students FREE Admission On Saturday For Grad Night By Ben Deatherage Cottage Grove, Oregon- This weekend will be a bus

Event Profile

7/23/2014 at Cottage Grove Speedway (Rain Out)

7/23/2014 at Cottage Grove Speedway (Rain Out)


WWMS Continues For Two Rounds At CGS

WWMS Continues For Two Rounds At CGS

WWMS Continues For Two Rounds At CGS
By Ben Deatherage
(Photo Courtesy of Dirt Monkey Productions)
Cottage Grove, Oregon- After a day off to rest and recover the Wild West Modified Speedweek resumes on Tuesday July 22nd and Wednesday the 23rd at Cottage Grove Speedway. Both dates are expected to have very good car counts and should produce some great races.

Jesse Williamson has won the last two Wild West Modified Speedweeks while the inaugural edition went to Brian Poppa. In two Speedweek races at CGS there have been two different winners which are Jesse Williamson and Scott Lenz.

In local action at Cottage Grove Braedon Hand leads the point standings as well as achieving the most wins with four. Mark Wauge has three while Tom Berry Jr. and Jesse Williamson have one apiece.

Already in this year’s edition the two races at Sunset Speedway Park have produced two different winners. They are Travis Peery and Mark Carrell.

Both events will offer a $25.00 Car Load Special which means a carload, tuck-load, or RV-load full of fans get into the race for just $25.00. And racing is scheduled to get underway around 6:45 PM each night. For more information log on to

Additional Information
2014 Wild West IMCA Modified Speedweek Schedule:
Saturday July 19th- Sunset Speedway Park (Banks, OR) Travis Peery
Sunday July 20th- Sunset Speedway Park (Banks, OR) Mark Carrell
Tuesday July 22nd- Cottage Grove Speedway (Cottage Grove, OR)
Wednesday July 23rd- Cottage Grove Speedway (Cottage Grove, OR)
Friday July 25th- Willamette Speedway (Lebanon, OR)
Saturday July 26th- Willamette Speedway (Lebanon, OR)

Former Wild West Modified Speedweek Champions:
2013- Jesse Williamson
2012- Jesse Williamson
2011- Brian Poppa

Wild West Modified Speedweek All-Time Win List (2011-14):
Jesse Williamson- 6
Brian Poppa- 4
Ken Schrader- 2
Alex Stanford
Mark Carrell- 1
Braedon Hand
Scott Lenz
Travis Peery
Mark Wauge

Current Wild West Modified Speedweek Points (Top Fifteen)
1. 6P-Travis Peery 195; 2. 27-Mark Carrell 181; 3. 98-Alex Stanford 175; T ZERO-Jesse Williamson 175; 5. SW-Collen Winebarger 165; 6. 00-Cory Sample 163; 7. 5-Braedon Hand 161; 8. 8-Rob Ireland 150; T 66-Doug Lockwood; 10. Monte Bischoff 140; 11. 25-Craig Cassell 138; 12. 30-Jeremy Shank 137; 13. Robert Duncan 128; 14. W6-Kelly Williamson 122; 15. 11K-Kyle Casson 119

Past Results:
June 18th, 2012
A Feature: 1. 0-Scott Lenz; 2. 5M-Jake Mayden; 3. 23-Matt Duste; 4. 90-Jason Beaulieu; 5. 6P-Travis Peery; 6. 0W-Jesse Williamson; 7. 1M-Mark Wauge; 8. 11K-Kyle Casson; 9. 85-Ricky Ashley; 10. 24-Curtis Towns; 11. 23-Don Muth Jr.; 12. 14M-Craig Moore; 13. F1-Monte Bischoff; 14. 44-Greg McDonald; 15. 98-Bruce Ray; 16. 26-Brett James; 17. 45-Jason Kocks; 18. 75X-Joe German; 19. 98-Alex Stanford; 20. 7S-Brian Poppa; 21. W7-Kelly Williamson; 22. 84-Eric Ashley; 23. 45-Jeffery Rivers

June 21st, 2011
A Feature: 1. W5-Jesse Williamson; 2. 6P-Travis Peery; 3. 0P-Brian Poppa; 4. 7-Dustin Dittman; 5. 90-Jason Beaulieu; 6. 15J-Jeremy Richey; 7. 91X-Chris Beaulieu; 8. 11K-Kyle Casson; 9. 84-Eric Ashley; 10. 10-Gus Cooper; 11. 14M-Craig Moore; 12. 73M-Dave Duste Jr.; 13. 45M-Jason Kocks; 14. 27EH-Lawrence O'Connor; 15. 47-Kyle Yeack; 16. 11X-Tom Berry Jr.; 17. 21C-Curt Coggins; 18. 1M-Mark Wauge; 19. 21J-Jon DeBenedetti; 20. 85-Ricky Ashley

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