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Tanner, Redmond, James, Langan, And Corley Win At 2018 CGS Opener

Tanner, Redmond, James, Langan, And Corley Win At 2018 CGS Opener

Tanner, Redmond, James, Langan, And Corley Win At 2018 CGS Opener
By Ben Deatherage
(Photo Courtesy Of Tina Gargurevich/Wings Off Photography)
Cottage Grove, Oregon- Cottage Grove Speedway would officially begin the 2018 racing season on Saturday, March 31st. Five classes would fill the pit area including Late Models, the Todd’s Auto Body Sprints, Mohawk Metals IMCA Modifieds, Street Stocks, and the Quality RV Repair Hornets. During the intermission several hundred young fans partook in an Easter Egg Hunt in the infield.

The Late Model feature would see Chuck Christian dominate for so much of the race. Christian, out of Eugene, got the lead on lap two, from Cottage Grove’s Justin Ryker, and set sail after that. The event would go caution free and Christian had built up an impressive lead, but he would get bottled up by lapped traffic in the late stages.

Joey Tanner, of Portland, would track Chuck Christian down and make the pass for the coveted position on lap twenty-five. Tanner, in a brand-new race car, would stay out in front for the remainder of the distance to win his first race of the season.

Chuck Christian was a respectable second followed by third finishing Kye Frick, from Sweet Home. Fourth went to Coos Bay’s Preston Luckman and Metolius native Brad Short was fifth. Lebanon’s Casey Vitale was fast time of the night, Bend veteran Darren Coffell won the Dot’s Trophy Shop Trophy Dash, while heat race winners were Joey Tanner and Luckman.

In the Todd’s Auto Body Sprints Ricky Ashley was the dominate force early. The Thurston pilot grabbed the initial lead but felt pressure from Roseburg’s Orion Redmond for some time. In fact, Ashley would be passed twice only for a stoppage to occur, but the lead was given back to him after reverting back to the last completed lap.

Orion Redmond would finally complete the decisive move on lap twelve to get to the front. The rest of the distance would have no incidents and Redmond would park it on the front stretch with the win.

Shane Forte, of Junction City, would rally to end the night second with Ricky Ashley ending his evening in third. The balance of the top five would feature Jacksonville youngster Tanner Holmes, in fourth, and Cottage Grove’s Kinzer Cox, in fifth. Harrisburg driver Tyler Thompson was quickest in qualifying, Eugene’s Raquel Ivie won the Dot’s Trophy Shop Trophy Dash, while heat race victors were Ashley, Orion Redmond, and Forte.

In Mohawk Metal IMCA Modified action Craig Hanson was quick out of the gate. The Albany veteran obtained first place on lap one and would retain it until lap four when Corbett’s Collen Winebarger got past him. Winebarger would remain out in front for some time before he bicycled in turn one and two allowing Bricen James to pass him via the inside line.

James, out Albany, would keep hold of first place but would have to master restarts due to several cautions. James kept all challengers in check and went on to collect the checkered flag. It was an emotional triumph because six months ago he nearly had a career ending injury in a Sprint Car last September.

John Campos, of Keizer, got second, followed by Albany’s Dustin Cady in third. Collen Winebarger wound up fourth over fifth finishing Aaron Sheelar, from Springfield. Bricen James was fast time of the night, Winebarger won the Dot’s Trophy Shop Trophy Dash, heat race winners were Winebarger, Campos, Cady, and James while Eugene’s Tony Bloom finished first in the consolation feature.

Street Stocks would have some incredible racing in their main event. Eugene’s Hunter Bloom was at the point for the first four laps. Kyle Yeack, of Lebanon, worked his way forward and passed Bloom at the completion of the fifth circuit. Unfortunately, Yeack would lose the lead on lap thirteen to Jasper native Andrew Langan. Langan was in front the rest of the distance to open up his winning account.

Kevin Roberts was the runner-up while Kyle Yeack finished third. Ray Bloom, of Cottage Grove, was an impressive fourth and Jody Tanner, out of Portland, rounded up the top five. Yeack was fast time, won the Dot’s Trophy Shop Trophy Dash, and won a heat race while Andrew Langan won the other.

Last but not least were the Quality RV Repair Hornets. Cottage Grove’s Robert Fetter cruised out in front for the first three laps. Graig Osborne would make it around Fetter on lap four but Osborne would hold on to the top spot for a few laps himself. Josh Corley, hailing from Westfir, got by Osborne on lap nine and would remain there the rest of the way. Corley would dominate in the remaining laps to win the first Hornet race of 2018.

Graig Osborne crossed the wire in second ahead of Eric Ashley, of Jasper, in the Randy Kuhl owned entry. K.C. Scott, from Springfield, was fourth and Eugene’s Brad Moffett got fifth. Eric Ashley was quickest in qualifications, Dexter native Mike Swaim won the Dot’s Trophy Shop Trophy Dash, while heats were won by Ashley, Moffett, and Scott.

Cottage Grove Speedway is back in action on April 7th for Shop Local-Business Night. Classes on the card include Late Models, the Todd’s Auto Body Sprints, Mohawk Metals IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Mods, and Street Stocks. For more information log on to

Race Results:
Easter At The Races
Saturday, March 31st, 2018
Cottage Grove Speedway
Cottage Grove, Oregon

Late Models
A Feature: 1. 111-Joey Tanner, ; 2. 422-Chuck Christian, ; 3. 08-Kye Frick, ; 4. 77-Preston Luckman, ; 5. 21-Brad Short, ; 6. 8-Lynn McDonald, ; 7. 9-Justin Ryker, ; 8. 13B-Randy Barley, ; 9. 87-Jeremy Short, ; 10. 48-Jerry Philips, ; 11. 24-Andrew Short, ; 12. 46-Darren Coffell, ; 13. 3V-Casey Vitale, ; 14. 15R-Ryan Ronning, ; 15. 78-Ed Peters, ; 16. 74-Dan Dieble,

Todd’s Auto Body Sprints
A Feature: 1. 12O-Orion Redmond, ; 2. 26F-Shane Forte, ; 3. 85-Ricky Ashley, ; 4. 18T-Tanner Holmes, ; 5. 1K-Kinzer Cox, ; 6. 7-Tyler Thompson, ; 7. 17-Colby Carter, ; 8. 25S-Camden Robustelli, ; 9. 70-Raquel Ivie, ; 10. 12-Steven Snawder, ; 11. 4J-Allison Journey, ; 12. 10K-Don Waddell, ; 13. 3B-Ian Bandey, ; 14. 0-Ashleigh Johnson, ; 15. 39-Justin Walker, ; 16. 4D-Cooper Desbiens, ; 17. 18H-A.J. Harbaugh, ; 18. 71-Hedge Carter, ; (DNS) 66-Tyrell Mead,

Mohawk Metals IMCA Modifieds
A Feature: 1. 13-Bricen James, ; 2. 36-John Campos, ; 3. 7-Dustin Cady, ; 4. S-Collen Winebarger, ; 5. 45-Aaron Sheelar, ; 6. 73-Tyler Smith, ; 7. 68-Jesse Bailey, ; 8. 11-Steven Sturdevant, ; 9. 5M-Jake Mayden, ; 10. W7-Kevin Williamson, ; 11. 33C-Craig Hanson, ; 12. 48-Aaron Elwess, ; 13. 44-Nick Bessette, ; 14. 33-Paul Rea, ; 15. 01-Dylan Hallberg, ; 16. 85-Eric Ashley, ; 17. 6M-Justin Cady, ; 18. 2G-James Welshonse, ; 19. 33E-Bob Bloom, ; 20. 33E2-Tony Bloom,

B Feature: 1. 33E2-Tony Bloom, ; 2. 85-Eric Ashley, ; 3. 01-Dylan Hallberg, ; 4. 33-Paul Rea, ; 5. V13-Grey Ferrando, ; 6. 34-Mark Gaylord, ; 7. 51-Roy Kirk Jr., ; (DNS) T85-Evan Britton, ; (DNS) 89-Albert Gill, ; (DNS) 22A-Justin Austin

Street Stocks
A Feature: 1. 74-Andrew Langan, ; 2. 88-Kevin Roberts, ; 3. 47-Kyle Yeack, ; 4. 33E3-Ray Bloom, ; 5. 36-Jody Tanner, ; 6. 33E-Hunter Bloom, ; 7. K2-Kyndal Irvine, ; 8. 11C-Richard Clink, ; 9. 4-Justin Tracy, ; 10. 71-RC levin, ; 11. 42-Wayne Clink, ; 12. R31-Michael Hollingsworth, ; (DNS) 11X-Don Schott, ; (DNS) 19W-Skyler Winebarger

A Feature: 1. 7C-Josh Corley, ; 2. 07-Graig Osborne, ; 3. 84-Eric Ashley, ; 4. 30-K.C. Scott, ; 5. 65-Brad Moffitt, ; 6. 32F-Robert Fetter, ; 7. 11-Joe Maricle, ; 8. 48-Mike Swaim, ; 9. 7-Gavin Ropchan, ; 10. 14-Matt Ferguson, ; 11. 29-Scott Britton, ; 12. 13XXX-Don Briggs, ; 13. 713-Don Briggs Jr., ; 14. 007-Jason Stoutenburgh, ; 15. 3-Max Sanford, ; 16. 79-Brandon Norton, ; 17. 75-William Beggs, ; 18. 4AG-Joey Elwess, ; 19. 13-Travis Hillsman, ; 20. 37-Burnie Bryant,

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Tanner, Redmond, James, Langan, And Corley Win At 2018 CGS Opener
Tanner, Redmond, James, Langan, And Corley Win At 2018 CGS Opener
Tanner, Redmond, James, Langan, And Corley Win At 2018 CGS Opener
Tanner, Redmond, James, Langan, And Corley Win At 2018 CGS Opener
Tanner, Redmond, James, Langan, And Corley Win At 2018 CGS Opener
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