Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...
Hibbard, Wauge, Braaten, Sine,...
4-30-16 Quick Results
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...


5/5/2016 -
Go-Kart Rule Additions The predator motors will be allowed to run on a trial basis. Predator motors must remain completely stock and may be subject to a restrictor plate. Please read the f
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

5/4/2016 -
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns For May 7th Event And Kart Opener; Moms Get In For $10.00 By Ben Deatherage (Photo Courtesy of Dirt Monkey Productions) Cottage Grove, Oregon- Two events are s
Hibbard, Wauge, Braaten, Sine,...

Hibbard, Wauge, Braaten, Sine,...

5/1/2016 -
Hibbard, Wauge, Braaten, Sine, And Corley Capture Cottage Grove Chamber Night Victories By Ben Deatherage (Photo Courtesy of Dirt Monkey Productions) Cottage Grove, Oregon- After a weekend o
4-30-16 Quick Results

4-30-16 Quick Results

5/1/2016 -
Congratulations to tonight's feature winners: Clark Printing Extreme Sprints-David Hibbard IMCA Modifieds-Mark Wauge IMCA Sport Mods-Jorddon Braaten Street Stocks-Chris Sine Quality RV Repai
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

4/26/2016 -
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns For CG Chamber Of Commerce Night By Ben Deatherage Cottage Grove, Oregon- After last week’s disappointing rain out Cottage Grove Speedway is excited to get bac

Event Profile

7/15/2008 at Cottage Grove Speedway

7/15/2008 at Cottage Grove Speedway

Cottage Grove, OR

360 Sprints


1-Roger CrockettMedford, OR7N
2-Jared RidgeSnohomish, WA12
3-Danny LasoskiDover, MO1
4-Brock LemleyBellingham, WA4
5-Jason SolwoldBurlington, WA39C
6-Jay ColeShelton, WA0J
7-Chadd NolandCentral Point, OR13
8-Jayme BarnesEverett, WA9
9-Kyle HirstSacramento, CA6
10-Jeffery RiversLebanon, OR45
11-Hedge CarterCottage Grove, OR71
12-J.J. DishneauMaple Valley, WA9J
13-Rob HeldSutherlin, OR68
14-Jared PetersonGrants Pass, OR9P
15-Dale SmithCottage Grove, OR41
16-Chad GrovesBend, OR25C
17-Casey AdamsLeduc, AB12A
18-Garen LinderMedford, OR22
19-Travis RutzLangley, BC26
20-Henry VanDamEnumclaw, WA33V

B Feature 1

1-Garen LinderMedford, OR22
2-Shane ForteJunction City, OR26F
3-Kyle MillerEugene, OR10
4-Jeff ThompsonHarrisburg, OR7T
5-Jeremy CooperCreswell, OR5C
6-Steve VagueKirkland, WA08
7-Phillip Del RosaMedford, OR6M
8-Rick Wright JrPonca City, OK35
9-Danielle HusonSedro Woolley, WA73
DNS-Steven HornerCottage Grove, OR56
DNS-Seth BergmanSnohomish, WA23

B Feature 2

1-Travis RutzLangley, BC26
2-Jared PetersonGrants Pass, OR9P
3-Todd ZeitlerMedford, OR2Z
4-Ted BakerCottage Grove, OR23T
5-Marc MackayCameron Park, CA86
6-Mike MelwicksWhite Rock, BC2
7-Jimmy TrulliPlacerville, CA33T
8-T.J. WinninghamGold Hill, OR9T
9-Tyler SpathPortland, ORKR14
10-Ryan GomesKlamath Falls, OR55
11-Dan DunlapRenton, WA15
DNS-Brendan BoyceCottage Grove, OR65
DNS-Jonathan AllardChico, CA0

Heat 1

1-Danny LasoskiDover, MO1
2-Roger CrockettMedford, OR7N
3-J.J. DishneauMaple Valley, WA9J
4-Ted BakerCottage Grove, OR23T
5-Casey AdamsLeduc, AB12A
6-Todd ZeitlerMedford, OR2Z
7-Danielle HusonSedro Woolley, WA73
8-Steven HornerCottage Grove, OR56
9-Jonathan AllardChico, CA0

Heat 2

1-Jayme BarnesEverett, WA9
2-Rob HeldSutherlin, OR68
3-Brock LemleyBellingham, WA4
4-Hedge CarterCottage Grove, OR71
5-T.J. WinninghamGold Hill, OR9T
6-Shane ForteJunction City, OR26F
7-Rick Wright JrPonca City, OK35
8-Brendan BoyceCottage Grove, OR65

Heat 3

1-Chadd NolandCentral Point, OR13
2-Henry VanDamEnumclaw, WA33V
3-Kyle HirstSacramento, CA6
4-Dale SmithCottage Grove, OR41
5-Travis RutzLangley, BC26
6-Marc MackayCameron Park, CA86
7-Mike MelwicksWhite Rock, BC2
8-Ryan GomesKlamath Falls, OR55

Heat 4

1-Jared RidgeSnohomish, WA12
2-Chad GrovesBend, OR25C
3-Christian StoverAlpine, CA5H
4-Garen LinderMedford, OR22
5-Jared PetersonGrants Pass, OR9P
6-Jeremy CooperCreswell, OR5C
7-Dan DunlapRenton, WA15
8-Seth BergmanSnohomish, WA23

Heat 5

1-Jay ColeShelton, WA0J
2-Jeffery RiversLebanon, OR45
3-Jason SolwoldBurlington, WA39C
4-Steve VagueKirkland, WA08
5-Jeff ThompsonHarrisburg, OR7T
6-Jimmy TrulliPlacerville, CA33T
7-Tyler SpathPortland, ORKR14
8-Phillip Del RosaMedford, OR6M
9-Kyle MillerEugene, OR10
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