Marvin Smith Memorial Weekend...
Marvin Smith Memorial Pre-Regi...
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...
D. Redmond And King Win During...
Marvin Smith Memorial Weekend...

Marvin Smith Memorial Weekend...

5/20/2016 -
Drivers and Fans can find all of the information regarding the Marvin Smith Memorial Grove Classic under the Driver Info Tab on the website. We look forward to seeing you all here for a fu
Marvin Smith Memorial Pre-Regi...

Marvin Smith Memorial Pre-Regi...

5/17/2016 -
Driver registration forms are now available for the Marvin Smith Memorial Race!! You can find them on the website under the driver info tab or call Heather at 541-729-8666 to get registered
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

5/16/2016 -
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns For Armed Forces Night On Saturday May 21st; Karts On Friday May 20th By Ben Deatherage Cottage Grove, Oregon- After getting rained out last Saturday, Cottage


5/14/2016 -
We are very sorry to say it but the weather has won out again this weekend. With the large amounts of rain that we have already had and what is still being forecasted we just don't see any
D. Redmond And King Win During...

D. Redmond And King Win During...

5/13/2016 -
D. Redmond And King Win During Firday Night Thriller At CGS By Ben Deatherage Cottage Grove, Oregon- If you missed the May 13th $5.00 Fast Friday then you missed one of the best races of the

Event Profile

8/16/2013 at Cottage Grove Speedway

8/16/2013 at Cottage Grove Speedway

Cottage Grove, OR

Pee Wee

A Feature

1-Colby ThornhillEnumclaw, WA24C
2-Ryan PeeryWilliston, ND21C
3-Bradley StumphEugene, OR24S
4-Nathin LemonFall Creek, OR08
5-Nicholas LundquistCottage Grove, OR88
6-Carter PattersonLebanon, OR47
7-Gavyn WoodyElkton, OR75W
8-Joshua BakerCreswell, OR28J
9-Ian WhislerOtis, OR82
10-Keaton AugustineCottage Grove, OR24A

5HP Intermediate

A Feature

1-Caleb HendersonPhilomath, OR03G
2-Conner HansonCreswell, OR55H
3-Mclain BeaudoinLebanon, OR17
4-Trinity PendleyAlbany, OR47
5-Ryan PeeryWilliston, ND21C
6-Sierra HowellCottage Grove, OR202
7-Isaac StereCottage Grove, OR32
8-Austin SauseCottage Grove, OR7
9-Eston WhislerOtis, OR82
DNS-Justin LemonFall Creek, OR4


A Feature

1-Kyle RolesLebanon, OR02
2-Christian OsborneBoring, OR42
3-Kyle FitchEugene, OR35
4-Casey StarrSherwood, OR13
5-Anthony O'LearyWilder, ID8
DNS-Custin JonesLebanon, OR48C


A Feature

1-Kyle CormicanVancouver, WA113
2-James SettersSpirit Lake, ID1
3-Matthew BangleCreswell, OR79
4-Tyler ThompsonHarrisburg, OR77
5-Jared LundSalem, OR99
6-Merissa HensenMedford, OR17M
7-Eric ScofieldAlbany, OR37
8-Trevon JeannotCottage Grove, OR33T
9-Scott FoxOakland, OR3
10-Casey DoolittleCottage Grove, OR21
11-Brenden McMasterRoseburg, OR8
12-Karsha OwenRoseburg, OR88
13-Chandler CrawfordRoseburg, OR15
14-A.J. HarbaughMckenzie Bridge, OR18H

B Feature 1

1-A.J. HarbaughMckenzie Bridge, OR18H
2-Chandler CrawfordRoseburg, OR15
3-Brenden McMasterRoseburg, OR8
4-Karsha OwenRoseburg, OR88
5-Les DoolittleCottage Grove, OR35

Open Kage

A Feature

1-Bricen JamesAlbany, OR13
2-Andrew BurzynskiBend, OR21B
3-Makenzie ThompsonHarrisburg, OR77M
4-Erin LyonsRoseburg, OR98E
5-Rick PallinCulp Creek, OR68
6-Briley PompePhilomath, OR49
7-Brady SengerRoseburg, OR8B
8-Jimmy WhislerOtis, OR73
9-Cooper DesbiensRoseburg, OR4D
10-Jake FergusonCottage Grove, OR22J
11-Patrick DillsCottage Grove, OR5D
12-Megan FitchEugene, OR14
13-Kevin HilgendorfCottage Grove, OR22
14-Steven HornerCottage Grove, OR10H

B Feature 1

1-Steven HornerCottage Grove, OR10H
2-Brady SengerRoseburg, OR8B
3-Kevin HilgendorfCottage Grove, OR22
4-Jimmy WhislerOtis, OR73
5-Brenden WatermanBend, OR29W
6-Anthony PopeRoseburg, OR8P
7-Chris KressRoseburg, OR6K
8-David LyonsRoseburg, OR98
DNS-Justin JonesLebanon, OR2
DNS-Matt McDowellRoseburg, OR8M


A Feature

1-Jeff BroadwellSpringfield, OR4
2-Nick ThornhillLake Tapps, WA12
3-Nathan RhodesCottage Grove, OR93
4-Mark RhodesCottage Grove, OR67
DNS-Rex RhodesLa Pine, OR55
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