Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...
Hibbard, Wauge, Braaten, Sine,...
4-30-16 Quick Results
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...


5/5/2016 -
Go-Kart Rule Additions The predator motors will be allowed to run on a trial basis. Predator motors must remain completely stock and may be subject to a restrictor plate. Please read the f
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

5/4/2016 -
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns For May 7th Event And Kart Opener; Moms Get In For $10.00 By Ben Deatherage (Photo Courtesy of Dirt Monkey Productions) Cottage Grove, Oregon- Two events are s
Hibbard, Wauge, Braaten, Sine,...

Hibbard, Wauge, Braaten, Sine,...

5/1/2016 -
Hibbard, Wauge, Braaten, Sine, And Corley Capture Cottage Grove Chamber Night Victories By Ben Deatherage (Photo Courtesy of Dirt Monkey Productions) Cottage Grove, Oregon- After a weekend o
4-30-16 Quick Results

4-30-16 Quick Results

5/1/2016 -
Congratulations to tonight's feature winners: Clark Printing Extreme Sprints-David Hibbard IMCA Modifieds-Mark Wauge IMCA Sport Mods-Jorddon Braaten Street Stocks-Chris Sine Quality RV Repai
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

4/26/2016 -
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns For CG Chamber Of Commerce Night By Ben Deatherage Cottage Grove, Oregon- After last week’s disappointing rain out Cottage Grove Speedway is excited to get bac

Event Profile

7/17/2004 at Cottage Grove Speedway

7/17/2004 at Cottage Grove Speedway

Cottage Grove Speedway Modified Nationals | Cottage Grove, OR

IMCA Modifieds

A Feature

13Jon DebenedettiRogue River, OR0D
24Jesse WilliamsonCoburg, ORW5
37Jason KocksEugene, OR45
413Monte BischoffMedford, ORF1
52Dustin JenksChico, CA12J
611Mark WaugeMedford, OR28
71Kellen ChadwickOakley, CA83
817Aaron SheelarSpringfield, OR8
99Ron WilsonCoburg, ORW4
1014Chris MurphyCottage Grove, OR05
118Richard PapenhausenChico, CA4R
126Brian PoppaWhite City, OR65
1312Derek OfenhamSpringfield, OR56
145Rich McCoyMedford, OR1M
1516Gus CooperCreswell, OR0
1615Bret JobeBlachly, OR75
1721Rick ZuvichEugene, OR46
1819Dennis Silva12
1910Dane SmithMedford, OR01
2018Brian CassLivermore, CA55
2120Brian PearceOakley, CA15

Qualifier Feature

12Jon DebenedettiRogue River, OR0D
21Jesse WilliamsonCoburg, ORW5
37Jason KocksEugene, OR45
43Dane SmithMedford, OR01
514Mark WaugeMedford, OR28
66Monte BischoffMedford, ORF1
74Bret JobeBlachly, OR75
89Gus CooperCreswell, OR0
910Brian CassLivermore, CA55
1015Rick ZuvichEugene, OR46
1111Brian PearceOakley, CA15
1218Don JennerVancouver, WA6
138Ricky AshleyThurston, OR85A
1413Steve SuckowHillsboro, OR37A
1519Kris Thannen12K
1616Eric BrayCentral Point, OR06
1712Gary Lee MorrisMolalla, OR17
1820Clint WillisReedsport, OR11
1921Scott Dorie2
2017Braedon HandCottage Grove, OR5
215Ron PossingerMedford, OR22P

Consolation Feature 1

12Gary Lee MorrisMolalla, OR17
25Brian CassLivermore, CA55
34Steve SuckowHillsboro, OR37A
41Brian PearceOakley, CA15
53Greg GreerRainier, OR22
610Tucker WeeksReedsport, OR85
77Kris Thannen12K
89Louis LaneSt. Helens, OR27
98Sterling CooperSpringfield, OR014
106Lester FreeCreswell, OR30

Consolation Feature 2

11Rick ZuvichEugene, OR46
23Mark WaugeMedford, OR28
36Braedon HandCottage Grove, OR5
42Eric BrayCentral Point, OR06
55Don JennerVancouver, WA6
64Clint WillisReedsport, OR11
79Robert JeffersHalsey, OR29
87Scott Dorie2
98Rodney PowellSpringfield, OR4


1-Jon DebenedettiRogue River, OR0D
2-Jesse WilliamsonCoburg, ORW5
3-Dane SmithMedford, OR01
4-Bret JobeBlachly, OR75
5-Ron PossingerMedford, OR22P

Heat 1

1-Jesse WilliamsonCoburg, ORW5
2-Brian PearceOakley, CA15
3-Mark WaugeMedford, OR28
4-Gary Lee MorrisMolalla, OR17
5-Braedon HandCottage Grove, OR5
6-Tucker WeeksReedsport, OR85

Heat 2

1-Jon DebenedettiRogue River, OR0D
2-Jason KocksEugene, OR45
3-Rick ZuvichEugene, OR46
4-Shane MayCottage Grove, OR04
5-Ray ElwessVancouver, WA81
6-Louis LaneSt. Helens, OR27

Heat 3

1-Bret JobeBlachly, OR75
2-Monte BischoffMedford, ORF1
3-Clint PettySt. Helens, OR42
4-Clint WillisReedsport, OR11
5-Kris Thannen12K
6-Robert JeffersHalsey, OR29

Heat 4

1-Dane SmithMedford, OR01
2-Gus CooperCreswell, OR0
3-Eric BrayCentral Point, OR06
4-Brian CassLivermore, CA55
5-Scott Dorie2
6-Lester FreeCreswell, OR30

Heat 5

1-Ron PossingerMedford, OR22P
2-Ricky AshleyThurston, OR85A
3-Greg GreerRainier, OR22
4-Don JennerVancouver, WA6
5-Steve SuckowHillsboro, OR37A
6-Rodney PowellSpringfield, OR4
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