Cottage Grove Speedway

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The Ultimate Door To Door, Wheel To Wheel Action!

The Ultimate Door To Door, Wheel To Wheel Action!

Witness some of the funnest, fastest and fiercest racing action at Cottage Grove.

5/7/2011 - Cottage Grove Speedway

5/7/2011 - Cottage Grove Speedway

Cottage Grove, OR

7 entries

Limited Sprints - Winged

A Feature 1: 1. 24Z-Zack Spaulding; 2. 18-Mike Carrothers; 3. 1-Raquel Ivie; 4. 75-Heath Shelton; 5. 11X-Kady Adelman; 6. 12-Orion Redmond

Dash 1: 1. 75-Heath Shelton; 2. 24Z-Zack Spaulding; 3. 1-Raquel Ivie; 4. 4-Jesse Thistle

Heat 1: 1. 24Z-Zack Spaulding; 2. 75-Heath Shelton; 3. 1-Raquel Ivie; 4. 12-Orion Redmond; 5. 18-Mike Carrothers; 6. 11X-Kady Adelman

Qualifying 1: 1. 4-Jesse Thistle, 00:11.978

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