Cottage Grove Speedway

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The Ultimate Door To Door, Wheel To Wheel Action!

The Ultimate Door To Door, Wheel To Wheel Action!

Witness some of the funnest, fastest and fiercest racing action at Cottage Grove.



Don't miss the 10th Annual Marvin Smith Memorial Grove Classic May 25th & 26th !



Monster Trucks return June 7th & 8th along with Megasauras, the car eating dinosaur!!

Logger's Cup

Logger's Cup

Late Models pay homage to Virgil Hanson in the biggest race of the year July 27th!

8/24/2005 - Cottage Grove Speedway

8/24/2005 - Cottage Grove Speedway

Cottage Grove, OR

World Of Outlaws Night


  • Limited Sprints19 entries

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Limited Sprints

A Feature

Finish Start # Competitor Hometown +/-
1 41 Marvin Smith Marvin Smith Cottage Grove, OR Cottage Grove, OR -
2 2 Ron Cooper Ron Cooper Cottage Grove, OR Cottage Grove, OR -
3 01 Jeff Osburn Jeff Osburn Eugene, OR Eugene, OR -
4 26F Shane Forte Shane Forte Junction City, OR Junction City, OR -
5 33 Nate Morelock Nate Morelock Cottage Grove, OR Cottage Grove, OR -
6 9 Brett Smith Brett Smith Roseburg, OR Roseburg, OR -
7 29 Dan Philpott Dan Philpott La Pine, OR La Pine, OR -
8 21 Mike Griffith Mike Griffith Fall Creek, OR Fall Creek, OR -
9 12 Chuck Pendelton Chuck Pendelton Cottage Grove, OR Cottage Grove, OR -
10 74 Scott Kelley Scott Kelley Springfield, OR Springfield, OR -
11 7 Tim Wagner Jr Tim Wagner Jr -
12 16 John Hagen John Hagen Eugene, OR Eugene, OR -
13 55 Mike Baker Mike Baker Dorena, OR Dorena, OR -
14 69 Brian Smith Brian Smith Albany, OR Albany, OR -
15 18 Bill Avants Bill Avants Powell Butte, OR Powell Butte, OR -
16 17 Ray Duke Ray Duke Grants Pass, OR Grants Pass, OR -
17 71 Hedge Carter Hedge Carter Cottage Grove, OR Cottage Grove, OR -
18 68 Rob Held Rob Held Sutherlin, OR Sutherlin, OR -
19 15 David Schmidt David Schmidt Roseburg, OR Roseburg, OR -

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