Marvin Smith Memorial Pre-Regi...
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...
D. Redmond And King Win During...
Cottage Grove Returns For $5.0...
Marvin Smith Memorial Pre-Regi...

Marvin Smith Memorial Pre-Regi...

5/17/2016 -
Driver registration forms are now available for the Marvin Smith Memorial Race!! You can find them on the website under the driver info tab or call Heather at 541-729-8666 to get registered
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

Cottage Grove Speedway Returns...

5/16/2016 -
Cottage Grove Speedway Returns For Armed Forces Night On Saturday May 21st; Karts On Friday May 20th By Ben Deatherage Cottage Grove, Oregon- After getting rained out last Saturday, Cottage


5/14/2016 -
We are very sorry to say it but the weather has won out again this weekend. With the large amounts of rain that we have already had and what is still being forecasted we just don't see any
D. Redmond And King Win During...

D. Redmond And King Win During...

5/13/2016 -
D. Redmond And King Win During Firday Night Thriller At CGS By Ben Deatherage Cottage Grove, Oregon- If you missed the May 13th $5.00 Fast Friday then you missed one of the best races of the
Cottage Grove Returns For $5.0...

Cottage Grove Returns For $5.0...

5/11/2016 -
Cottage Grove Returns For $5.00 Admission On Friday; Senior High School Students FREE Admission On Saturday For Grad Night By Ben Deatherage Cottage Grove, Oregon- This weekend will be a bus


Mark Wauge Wins CGS Modified Nationals Race Of Champions; Deatherage Victorious In Hornet Feature

Mark Wauge Wins CGS Modified Nationals Race Of Champions; Deatherage Victorious In Hornet Feature
Mark Wauge Wins CGS Modified Nationals Race Of Champions; Deatherage Victorious In Hornet Feature
Mark Wauge Wins CGS Modified Nationals Race Of Champions; Deatherage Victorious In Hornet Feature

Mark Wauge Wins CGS Modified Nationals Race Of Champions; Deatherage Victorious In Hornet Feature
By Ben Deatherage
(Photo Courtesy of Madman Photography)
Mark Wauge of Jacksonville put on an exciting display of action at the Cottage Grove Speedway for the opening night of the Cottage Grove Speedway Modified Nationals on Friday August 2nd. The race would be a non-point contest, dubbed the Race Of Champions; featuring main event winner’s and track champions from across the Pacific Northwest.

Originally starting from the inside pole Wauge would take full advantage of the position in his Skinner Autoplex/Meineke Car Care Center/Hoppes Construction #1M Loose Gruff. Wauge would set a rapid pace on the high side to develop a sizeable lead but each time he would have plenty of breathing room a caution would occur bunching the field right up.

Several times Aaron Sheelar of Springfield would submit a bid to challenge on the bottom of the race track for the lead but time and again he would be denied by Wauge. That was until lap seventeen when the Producto Saw Systems/C&K Fabricating/West End Performance #45S Kazzbuilt, of Sheelar, would seize the lead. Sheelar would pace the field for several laps until lap twenty-six when lapped traffic came into play. Sheelar would lose the lead to Wauge and Wauge would go on to win it.

Aaron Sheelar finished a respectable second place followed by the SKS Racing/X-Factor Race Cars/Valley Rose Construction #24 X-Factor of Cottage Grove’s Curtis Towns who fought hard to finish third. Don Muth Jr. from Cottage Grove would place his Serendipity Spa & Salon/West End Performance #23 Shaw in fourth while Mark Carrell would earn fifth on the last lap in his Mark’s Auto Body/Gray’s Automotive #27 GRT by Phillips mount.

Fast time of the night was the T&K Services/Affordable Self Storage/Southside Tattoo #57M GRT by Yeager of Troy McElroy from Shady Cove at 14.097. Heat race winners were the Eastside Rollforming Specialties/ Oil Barbeque Sauce #10 Shaw of Gus Cooper from Creswell, Don Muth Jr., Mark Wauge, and White City’s Brian Poppa in his #65 mount.

In the Hornets James Deatherage of Cottage Grove would win his second race of the season. Even though it was his second triumph of 2013 it would be his first point event win after he captured a non-point victory earlier in the campaign in his D&D Automotive/Harris Machine and Design/A-1 Auto Supply #7D. Deatherage would make a move on lap five to gain the lead and hold it the rest of the way. He would be put under considerable pressure from Joe Maricle’s Ram Jack Foundation Repair #11. Deatherage would hold out despite winning the race by a whisker at the line.

Joe Maricle, of Veneta, was a very close second while third went to the West End Performance/West End Auction #116 of Jake Williams also from Veneta. Melvin Walker from Goshen was fourth in the Froggy’s Towing/Big B Tire/Springfield Auto Recyclers #00 followed by Marcola’s Dan Jenkinson in his Dan’s Automotive #4.

Fast time in the Hornets was Veneta’s Josh Corley in the #7C at 17.441 seconds. Heat race winners were James Deatherage and Taunton Swaim from Dexter in the Big Dog Recycling/A-1 Auto Supply #17 while winning the trophy dash was Joe Maricle.

Night two of the Cottage Grove Speedway Modified Nationals will occur on Saturday August 3rd. The IMCA Modifieds will be joined by the Hornets and Street Stocks. For more information log on to or call (360)-699-RACE.
Race Summary:
Cottage Grove Speedway Modified Nationals Night #1
Friday August 2nd, 2013
Cottage Grove Speedway
Cottage Grove, Oregon

IMCA Modifieds
A Feature: 1. 1M-Mark Wauge[1]; 2. 45S-Aaron Sheelar[3]; 3. 24-Curtis Towns[7]; 4. 23-Don Muth Jr.[8]; 5. 27-Mark Carrell[14]; 6. 33C-Craig Hanson[16]; 7. W5-Jesse Williamson[13]; 8. F1-Monte Bischoff[6]; 9. 7S-Braedon Hand[9]; 10. 45K-Jason Kocks[18]; 11. 3RL-Ryan McTaggart[15]; 12. 44P-Sam Potter[10]; 13. 25-Craig Cassell[11]; 14. 10-Gus Cooper[17]; 15. 65-Brian Poppa[12]; 16. 15J-Jeremy Richey[2]; 17. 77-Dustin Knight[4]; 18. 57M-Troy McElroy[5]

Heat 1: 1. 10-Gus Cooper[1]; 2. 15J-Jeremy Richey; 3. 24H-Kevin Hewitt[3]; 4. 57M-Troy McElroy; 5. W7-Les Williamson; 6. 16-Austin McTaggart; DNS 25-Craig Cassell; DNS 77-Dustin Knight

Heat 2: 1. 23-Don Muth Jr.[2]; 2. F1-Monte Bischoff[4]; 3. 34-Albert Gill[1]; 4. 11X-Tom Berry Jr.[5]; 5. 3RL-Ryan McTaggart[6]; 6. 24-Curtis Towns[3]; DNS 46-Dustin Comer; DNS 21C-Curt Coggins

Heat 3: 1. 1M-Mark Wauge[3]; 2. 7S-Braedon Hand[1]; 3. 27-Mark Carrell[2]; 4. 68-Jesse Bailey[4]; 5. 45K-Jason Kocks[5]; 6. 44M-Greg McDonald[7]; 7. 21A-Matthew Drager[6]

Heat 4: 1. 65-Brian Poppa[1]; 2. W5-Jesse Williamson[3]; 3. P0-Brody Pompe[4]; 4. 45S-Aaron Sheelar[5]; 5. 33C-Craig Hanson[2]; 6. 9-David Schmidt[6]; 7. 44P-Sam Potter[7]

Qualifying: 1. 57M-Troy McElroy; 2. F1-Monte Bischoff; 3. 68-Jesse Bailey; 4. P0-Brody Pompe; 5. 24H-Kevin Hewitt; 6. 24-Curtis Towns; 7. 1M-Mark Wauge; 8. W5-Jesse Williamson; 9. 77-Dustin Knight; 10. 23-Don Muth Jr.; 11. 27-Mark Carrell; 12. 33C-Craig Hanson; 13. 10-Gus Cooper; 14. 34-Albert Gill; 15. 7S-Braedon Hand; 16. 65-Brian Poppa; 17. 15J-Jeremy Richey; 18. 11X-Tom Berry Jr.; 19. 45S-Aaron Sheelar; 20. 16-Austin McTaggart; 21. W7-Les Williamson; 22. 3RL-Ryan McTaggart; 23. 45K-Jason Kocks; 24. 21A-Matthew Drager; 25. 9-David Schmidt; 26. 21C-Curt Coggins; 27. 44M-Greg McDonald; 28. 44P-Sam Potter; 29. 25-Craig Cassell; 30. 46-Dustin Comer

A Feature: 1. 7D-James Deatherage[1]; 2. 11-Joe Maricle[4]; 3. 116-Jake Williams[3]; 4. 00-Melvin Walker[6]; 5. 4-Dan Jenkinson[9]; 6. 34-Mike Simmons[8]; 7. 17-Taunton Swaim[2]; 8. 0-James Donaldson[5]; 9. 28-Chris Pierce[7]; 10. 48-Mike Swaim[12]; 11. 9-Dale Jenkinson[10]; 12. 89-Jim Simmons[11]; 13. 31-Teresa Walker[14]; 14. 13X-Steven Moore[13]; DNS 7-Josh Corley

Dash: 1. 11-Joe Maricle[4]; 2. 116-Jake Williams[3]; 3. 7-Josh Corley[1]; 4. 00-Melvin Walker[2]

Heat 1: 1. 7D-James Deatherage[6]; 2. 116-Jake Williams[3]; 3. 0-James Donaldson[1]; 4. 28-Chris Pierce[2]; 5. 4-Dan Jenkinson[5]; 6. 89-Jim Simmons[7]; 7. 13X-Steven Moore[8]; 8. 7-Josh Corley[4]
Heat 2: 1. 17-Taunton Swaim[2]; 2. 11-Joe Maricle[3]; 3. 00-Melvin Walker[4]; 4. 34-Mike Simmons[1]; 5. 9-Dale Jenkinson[5]; 6. 48-Mike Swaim[6]; 7. 31-Teresa Walker[7]

Qualifying: 1. 7-Josh Corley; 2. 00-Melvin Walker; 3. 116-Jake Williams; 4. 11-Joe Maricle; 5. 28-Chris Pierce; 6. 17-Taunton Swaim; 7. 0-James Donaldson; 8. 34-Mike Simmons; 9. 4-Dan Jenkinson; 10. 9-Dale Jenkinson; 11. 7D-James Deatherage; 12. 48-Mike Swaim; 13. 89-Jim Simmons; 14. 31-Teresa Walker; 15. 13X-Steven Moore

8/2/2013 at Cottage Grove Speedway - Cottage Grove, OR

IMCA Modifieds, Quality RV Repair Hornets, OPEN COMP HORNETS

IMCA Modifieds

A Feature

11Mark WaugeMedford, OR1M
23Aaron SheelarSpringfield, OR45S
37Curtis TownsCottage Grove, OR24
48Don Muth Jr.Cottage Grove, OR23
514Mark CarrellRemond, OR27
616Craig HansonAlbany, OR33C
713Jesse WilliamsonCoburg, ORW5
86Monte BischoffMedford, ORF1
99Braedon HandCottage Grove, OR7S
1018Jason KocksEugene, OR45K

Quality RV Repair Hornets

A Feature

11James DeatherageCottage Grove, OR7D
24Joe MaricleVeneta, OR11
33Jake WilliamsVeneta, OR116
46Melvin WalkerGoshen, OR00
59Dan JenkinsonMarcola, OR4
68Mike SimmonsCottage Grove, OR34
72Taunton SwaimDexter, OR17
85James DonaldsonDexter, OR0
97Chris PierceCottage Grove, OR28
1012Mike SwaimDexter, OR48


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