$444.00 To Win Froggy 44/$1000...
Mark Carrell Wins Final Night...
Collen Winebarger Sweeps Night...
Cottage Grove Ready For Mark H...
Miller, Donahoo, Braaten, And...
$444.00 To Win Froggy 44/$1000...

$444.00 To Win Froggy 44/$1000...

7/26/2016 -
$444.00 To Win Froggy 44/$1000.00 Win Clark Printing Extreme Sprints Next For Cottage Grove Speedway; CDL License Holders Get In For $5.00 By Ben Deatherage (Photo Courtesy of Kayla Simmons
Mark Carrell Wins Final Night...

Mark Carrell Wins Final Night...

7/25/2016 -
Mark Carrell Wins Final Night Of Mark Howard Memorial CGS Modified Nationals; Robustelli And Williamson Also Get Wins By Ben Deatherage (Photo Courtesy of Dirt Oval TV) Cottage Grove, Oregon
Collen Winebarger Sweeps Night...

Collen Winebarger Sweeps Night...

7/23/2016 -
Collen Winebarger Sweeps Night One Of Mark Howard Memorial CGS Modified Nationals; Brewster And A. Langan Also Collect Wins By Ben Deatherage Cottage Grove, Oregon- Friday, July 22nd would b
Cottage Grove Ready For Mark H...

Cottage Grove Ready For Mark H...

7/20/2016 -
Cottage Grove Ready For Mark Howard Memorial CGS Modified Nationals On Friday July 22 And Saturday The 23rd; $2600.00 To Win On Saturday Night By Ben Deatherage (Photo Courtesy of Curt Death
Miller, Donahoo, Braaten, And...

Miller, Donahoo, Braaten, And...

7/18/2016 -
Miller, Donahoo, Braaten, And Maricle July 16th Winners At Grove By Ben Deatherage (Photo Courtesy of Dirt Monkey Productions) Cottage Grove, Oregon- Cottage Grove Speedway would host Bohemi


Trenchard Triumphant In Round #4 Of WWMS At CGS

Trenchard Triumphant In Round #4 Of WWMS At CGS

Trenchard Triumphant In Round #4 Of WWMS At CGS
By Ben Deatherage
(Photo Courtesy of Dirt Monkey Productions)
Thursday July 24th would see the Wild West Modified Speedweek visit the Cottage Grove Speedway for the fourth race of the 2014 tour. Twenty-four entries would sign in on the sheets representing the states of Oregon, California, Nevada, and North Dakota.

In the first four laps of the feature there would be four lead changes with Nick Trenchard of Klamath Falls eventually securing the position. Trenchard, driving for car owners Rich and Nicky Biehn, would establish a decent sized lead before running into some heavy lapped traffic on the long green flag run.

Trenchard would make some decisive moves as he cut through the slower traffic trying to stay in front of the fast company behind immediately him. The only thing to really slow down the Biehn Racing/Natures Images/Air Gas/Lithia Dodge-Toyota of Klamath Falls #54N Shaw, of Trenchard, was a lap twenty-seven caution. This would bunch up the field one final time as only eight laps remained in the feature.

Trenchard would master the restart and cruised to pick up his first career Wild West Modified Speedweek victory. Trenchard also became the fourth different winner in as many nights for the 2014 Mod Speedweek.

Jesse Williamson of Coburg would put the Dustin Comer owned S.D.M.F. Race Cars/Mid Valley Metals/F.M. Jones & Sons Quality Trucks and Autos/K.C. Race Engines #ZERO S.D.M.F. in second followed by the Stanford Chopping/Golden Memorial Insurance/Borba Ranch/Precision Chassis Development #98 Precision of Alex Stanford from Chowchilla, California in third. The rest of the top five would consist of Cory Sample from Winnemucca, Nevada in his Dakota Diesel/Susan River Reality #00 Razor in fourth and the Ireland & Ireland at Law/Privateer Racing/Klecker Knives and Tools/Applebee Aviation #8 Dirt Works by Jerry Hoffman of Banks native Rob Ireland was fifth.

The victor in the B-Main would be the Esterlee Motel of Lincoln City/Dr. Mary Harada Breast Cancer Specialist/Debra Herndon Family Nurse Practitioner/Big Sky Landscaping/Drager Performance #25 Rocket by Ruhlman of Craig Cassell from Albany while earning the win in the Last Chance Qualifier was Cottage Grove’s Kinzer Cox in his Robert Howell Logging/Geo Synthetics/Razor’s Edge Graphics/Jerry Dills Trucking #1K Loose Gruff.

The Wild West Modified Speedweek will continue at Willamette Speedway on Friday July 25th with racing scheduled to get underway around 6:30 PM. For ticket prices and more information log on to www.trophymotorsports.com and click “Track Info”.

Race Summary:
Wild West Modified Speedweek Round #4
Thursday July 24th, 2014
Cottage Grove Speedway
Cottage Grove, Oregon

A Feature: 1. 54N-Nick Trenchard; 2. ZERO-Jesse Williamson; 3. 98-Alex Stanford; 4. 00-Cory Sample; 5. 8-Rob Ireland; 6. SW-Collen Winebarger; 7. 5-Braedon Hand; 8. F1-Monte Bischoff; 9. 5M-Jake Mayden; 10. 33C-Craig Hanson; 11. 25-Craig Cassell; 12. 6P-Travis Peery; 13. 85-Ricky Ashley; 14. 77-Kreg Britton; 15. 24-Curtis Towns; 16. 68-Jesse Bailey; 17. 11-Steven Sturdevant; 18. W6-Kelly Williamson; 19. 1K-Kinzer Cox; 20. 11X-Tom Berry Jr.

B Feature: 1. 25-Craig Cassell; 2. 77-Kreg Britton; 3. F1-Monte Bischoff; 4. 11X-Tom Berry Jr.; 5. W6-Kelly Williamson; 6. 68-Jesse Bailey; 7. 1K-Kinzer Cox; 8. 44-Greg McDonald; 9. 93B-Justin Ryker; 10. 30A-David Day; 11. 28M-Mark Wauge; 12. 85-Ricky Ashley

Last Chance Qualifier: 1. 1K-Kinzer Cox; 2. 85-Ricky Ashley; 3. 44-Greg McDonald; 4. 30A-David Day; 5. 93B-Justin Ryker; DNS 28M-Mark Wauge

Current Wild West Modified Speedweek Points (Top Fifteen):
1. 98-Alex Stanford 366; 2. ZERO-Jesse Williamson 365; 3. SW-Collen Winebarger 330; 4. 6P-Travis Peery 329; 5. 5-Braedon Hand 311; 6. 00-Cory Sample 308; 7. 8-Rob Ireland 302; 8. 54N-Nick Trenchard 281; 9. F1-Monte Bischoff 278; 10. 25-Craig Cassell 268; 11. 27-Mark Carrell 262; 12. 28M-Mark Wauge 232; 13. 11X-Tom Berry Jr. 223; T W6-Kelly Williamson 223; 15. 30-Jeremy Shank 192

7/24/2014 at Cottage Grove Speedway - Cottage Grove, OR

IMCA Modifieds, Quality RV Repair Hornets

IMCA Modifieds

A Feature

1-Nick TrenchardKlamath Falls, OR54N
2-Jesse WilliamsonCoburg, ORZERO
3-Alex StanfordChowchilla, CA98
4-Cory SampleWinnemucca, NV00
5-Rob IrelandBanks, OR8
6-Collen WinebargerCorbett, ORSW
7-Braedon HandCottage Grove, OR5
8-Monte BischoffMedford, ORF1
9-Jake MaydenEugene, OR5M
10-Craig HansonAlbany, OR33C

Quality RV Repair Hornets

A Feature

1-Taunton SwaimDexter, OR17
2-Joe MaricleVeneta, OR11
3-Eric CooperCottage Grove, OR32
4-K.C. ScottSpringfield, OR30
5-Justin AustinPleasant Hill, OR48
6-Jim SimmonsCottage Grove, OR41
7-Alex Potter2
8-Josh LinvilleSpringfield, ORNE1
9-Jayson NelsonSpringfield, OR51
10-Chris PierceCottage Grove, OR28


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